Baby Wildebeest
The start of summer welcomed a new baby wildebeest to the African Veldt. This baby girl is the second calf born to our wildebeest pair. The family will be separated from the main Veldt area until the calf is big enough to rejoin the herd. Until then, the family can be seen in their adjoining paddock from the African Veldt Adventure Ride.






Pygmy Goats
Charlotte and Chloe are our two new pygmy goat does. Pygmy Goats are resilient, friendly, and intelligent animals who enjoy treats and attention. The sisters can be seen climbing and clambering around the petting zoo.






Bogart the Camel
Chehaw is excited to announce its newest addition to the zoo, a Bactrian camel named Bogart. The new exhibit is, appropriately, sponsored by Geico. Bogart is a two year old Bactrian camel who came to Chehaw from The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Bogart is a young, intelligent animal who really enjoys being close to people and particularly likes to have his cheeks scratched. He is halter trained and loves to go on walks with the keepers.


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